Hall of Flame


After 18 months, I have finally finished (by finished, I mean actually got around to doing) my guest comic for Gary Cohen who creates the offbeat and sometimes hoggish comic called Mallville Rules. You can find it  and other original cool comics over at Inkbot. FT

Dam You!!


I realize my comic has been all over the place lately, history comics, a series about the Scottish referendum, travel PSA’s, a series for my sister, and now this drivel. This is what happens when you do not stick to a formula, do not have a buffer, or do not invest more than 7 minutes a week on your comic. Bon appétit FT :)

An Ant Story


I have been following this ‘Gamergate’ thing enough to realize that I truly do not get it. For some people to become upset or angry and to threaten others for simply expressing their opinion seems medieval, but what do I know? FT :D

Money Laundering

Laundered 3

Yes, it is a silly comic, but I made it for my sister, Giovanna. This is a side project I do along with the “Balcony Baby” comic I make for her. My new side project is developing a sitcom about funny characters who frequent a bar in Boston. I’m thinking about calling it “Skoal” or “Salud” any way, it’s a work in progress. FT :)