The Webcomic Process: A Professional Tutorial


I hope this inspires people out there to create a webcomic of their own. I am living proof that anyone can do it. As a side job, I am a private investigator in Hawaii. It’s pretty cool. I drive a red ferrari, and live in a guest house. My friend has a helicopter. To reiterate, you should create a webcomic…and solve crimes if you can. FT

Welcome To Portugal


The next stop on my world tour is Portugal.  Portugal has many things to offer: beaches, volcanic lakes, mountains, cities filled with Portuguese people, and more spider monkeys per square mile than Equatorial Guinea. Why not take a few moments to get acquainted with Portugal: The Country With More Spider Monkeys Per Square Mile Than Equatorial Guinea. FT :P

Birth Of A Bridge



Not too long ago I created a comic series about Joshua Abraham Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. It was a very interesting topic due to Emperor Norton being an extremely interesting man. The ideals he held and the principles by which he led his life represented then and now a sense of unity and equality despite cultural diversity and the inherent differences amongst people. I was honored to be asked to contribute a ‘perspective’ to a wonderful website that is trying to honor the man and his legacy. Please take some time to visit the site and also support its cause. FT :)




I thought of this idea at 4:30 am earlier this week when I woke up for no apparent reason (I hate that) and could not resist making one last comic about the referendum. Some of you are probably getting bored with these comics and me blathering on about the referendum. I am very interested in it. It is basically about independence. I grant you all the independence to read these comics or not. FT :P