A New Project

Well, summer’s over. It seemed to slip by without me even noticing. I took a break from my history comic and other projects to spend time enjoying the vacation and having fun with my family. I also started work on a new project, a short novel. I had an idea about writing a “coming of age story.” I know that idea has been done repeatedly, but I am really interested in history and am fascinated by early 50’s in Brooklyn, New York which is where I set the story. It takes a lot of research to get a feel for that time period including the sights, the jargon, what things cost. I have read historical books, watched many documentaries and “interviewed” my grandparents about what life was like then. The story follows my character through the year 1952 and how her life changes as well as her relationships with her friends, her family (especially her rabid Dodgers fan father) and herself and parallels the Brooklyn Dodgers’ season that year. I even have a working title. I have quite a bit written as well as character ideas, outlines, and some short stories I wrote to incorporate as part of the plot. It is a huge undertaking, and I hope I can complete it. I already completed the most important part, the description that goes on the book jacket haha! Here it is:

“The year was 1952, America was deep in the Korean conflict, the Dodgers and their legions of loyal fans were still smarting from losing the pennant to the hated Giants and Bobby Thompson’s ‘Shot Heard ‘Round The World.’ It was a time of excitement, of possibilities, of discovery. Giovanna Tomaselli was unsure if she was ready for what the new year had in store for her. After a popular boy proclaims an infatuation for her, Giovanna is faced with a new experience as well as a seemingly unsolvable dilemma with her father. Her older boy crazy sister is of no help, and her best friend Margaret only complicates matters. As 1952 unfolds, Giovanna will learn that not every problem has an easy answer and that with adolescence comes many lessons that will never be forgotten.” FT


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