The Estate Of Things

The Estate Of Things

I was reading an article and came upon the term “the fourth estate”. I had no idea what it meant, so I asked my dad. The response I got from him was his infamous adage: “Look it up.” I did, and I discovered it was a ranking system in Europe in the late 1500′s. As I read about it, I thought of the idea of an estate sale like after someone dies. So here is a comic. FT 🙂

Visual Excerpt

Visual Excerpt

This comic is a by-product of the part of the novel I am writing called “My Last Year With The Dodgers”. As I was trying to plan out part of my story about when my main character and her best friend go to Coney Island for the day. Their first stop at Coney is none other than the world-famous Nathan’s Hotdogs, this idea then popped into my head. Yes, it’s not about the Brooklyn Bridge, but it IS about Brooklyn. FT 🙂

A Bridge Too Hard

A Bridge too Hard

Yeah, I make mistakes like everyone does, but never this many at once. I started this comic, looking at a picture, trying to get the cables of the bridge the way I wanted them, but there were just too many. I erased and gave it another shot. I wasn’t paying attention and I messed up the perspective. I noticed it after I had inked it, and regretted not proofreading it. I realized that I could make a joke out of it, even if it wasn’t very funny. FT 🙂

It’s All Relative: The Motion Picture

I turned my story comic “It’s All Relative” into a slideshow and added music. The comic is based on a real experience about being in an elevator in NYC to the 45th floor with a guy that would not stop talking about elevators. He claimed to be related somehow to Otis. I of course embellished the story. I’m still very much alive. FT 🙂

THE Official Dustpiggies Wedding Photo

THE Official Dustpiggies Wedding Photo

I made this drawing for my 2 friends Mike and Jess, who are very nice people and really cool (her more so than him) and are getting married this Saturday, 7 September 2013. I am very happy for them both and wish I could be there. They probably won’t need to take a honeymoon because when you’re with Mike, everyday is like a honeymoon (or so he says…..actually, I said that to them the first time I met them, and they both almost spit their drinks out, haha!). To Mike and Jess! XXOO FT 🙂

Hey, I Own That Bridge!

Hey, I Own That Bridge!

Well, you heard it here first. I am NEVER drawing the Brooklyn Bridge again! It is my favorite bridge in the world, but I cannot get it just right, so I settled for this. I looked at old photos for a reference, but nothing can capture the beauty and the symmetry of that bridge like seeing it in person. FT