Birth Control Minus Seven

Birth Control Minus Seven

I decided to do a series of comics about the Suffrage Movement that led to women getting the right to vote here in the US. It was an important time in history involving many important people who affected the course of history, directly and indirectly. In school about 41 seconds was dedicated to it, so I read about it on my own. I vote you enjoy this! FT 😀

No Reservations?

No Reservations?

I am dusting off a two year old comic for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving. The art is terrible, the idea is only somewhat funny, but too bad. I am thankful I have cool people like you to read it, all 14 of you! FT 🙂

Color My World

Color My World

Well, the debate continues….my debate with myself whether to go to with color or not in the future. I do like the fuller appearance color brings, but I do not care for the extra work. We shall see, we shall see. FT 🙂

It’s A Matter Of Color

It's A Matter Of Color

I am toying with the idea of adding color (or colour for my snooty friends from the UK :)) to my comic. The part I like best about creating the comic is coming up with the ideas, the research and the writing. I don’t really know if doing it in color adds anything to the comic. What do you think? FT 🙂

The Untimely Time Machine

The Untimely Time Machine

Here is another installment of the comic I make for my sister, Giovanna. I am Super Sis, she is Balcony Baby. I came up with idea for the names from a picture my mom took of us when we were in Spain in 2007. I will post the photo at some point in time because it is my favorite picture of me and her together. FT 🙂