King John, P.I.

A Sketchy History

I made this comic for my history teacher, Ms. Sayed. She is a great teacher, and as much as I love history, she manages to make it more interesting. Now I know why….she’s just making it up as she goes along…hahahahahaha (kidding) FT 😀

I’m All Out Of Air

I'm All Out Of Air

Here is the fan art comic I made for Stephen over at Rain Dogs Comic: It is one cool comic, especially the art, and Stephen has a great sense of humor and an unbelievable knowledge base of music. I think even more so than my dad (close call). He also has great taste in music as you can see from my comic, but I think my dad has him in this category. FT 😀

Everybody Loves A Clown?

Everybody Loves A Clown?

This is the first comic in a series based on well known movie lines and scenes. I assume everyone knows of this iconic scene from “The Little Mermaid” when Ariel is talking to her dad. Great movie. This is also part of my buffer, by which I mean I finish a historical series, do some filler comics like these, then take a long break. FT 😛

Soylent Peas

Soylent Peas

This concludes the Clarence Birdseye series! He froze stuff. Walt Disney’s head and Ted Williams’ head were both frozen for posterity, yet Clarence Birdseye’s head was not. Ironic, no? FT 🙂