The Soylence of the Lambs

The Soylence of the Lambs

Another buffer before I post a new series. I call them fillers. I have enough filler ideas to make a twinkie. Here’s a comic dedicated to the famous lines from 2 different movies “Soylent Green” and “Love Story” (@cre8trix gave me the Hannibal Lecter idea because she is a big Ryan O’ Neal fan)  WARNING: This comic may cause queasiness in some people. If you have not already read the comic, I advise you to read it. If you have, then read it again. FT 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Soylence of the Lambs

  1. I have yet to see Soylent Green. I was only thinking about it today as I was putting pruned branches through my garden mulcher. Yep that’s what mulching reminded me of.

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