Burr 1, Hamilton 0, Spielberg 58

Burr 1, Hamilton 0, Spielberg 58

The last of the Hamilton / Burr duel series. I could not resist finishing up with a pun and a reference to an old movie that I could watch time and time again, Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” from 1971. In fact, when I was 4, my dad and I used to lie on the floor and fall asleep to it…. 58 nights in a row during one stretch, and my mom protested 57 of them. FT πŸ˜›
Here’s the trailer:

The Duel Must Go On

The Duel Must Go On

Part 4 of the Hamilton / Burr duel. As this comic illustrates, trying to reason with stubborn, angry people is a waste of time. At times, when my friends are acting like this, I think about Hamilton and Burr, try to help with the situation, get snapped at or ignored, say “have at it” and walk away. In that order. If nothing else, I learned some cool words for this comic. FT πŸ™‚