The Munster Rebellion

Trouble in Transylvania

I realize many people won’t get what I was after here because it is based on a 1960’s American TV show. I also Β included a reference to one of my favorite cheeses. I am a cheese eating, classic TV show watching enthusiast. Watching The Munsters while eating Muenster cheese is my idea of a relaxing evening. Yes, I am serious. FT :-p



This idea just popped into my head yesterday. When I told my dad, he giggled and said exactly what it says here. FT πŸ™‚

If I Didn’t Care

If I Didn't Care

I promise, only one more word comic after this one. I will be keeping track of my views to see if Β this comic indeed captures your mood. Hahaha! FT πŸ˜›

The title of today’s comic is a nod to Fred G. Sanford and his version of the “Ink Spots” classic song.

The Grate Ingrate

The Grate Ingrate

Another comic about words and looking them up. Yes, this arc is sluggish, protracted if you will. Yes, I am not sure this even counts as an arc. Yes, I should have used “Great” rather than “Grate”; however, if I had done that, you would not have read this far. At least now you get to feel smarter than me. I hope you are grateful for that. Haha! FT πŸ˜›

You Are So Smug

You're So Very Smug

I am doing a short series of comics based on word meanings. The comics are probably not all that funny, but they made me laugh when I was making them. I got the idea because anytime I ask my dad what the definition of a word is, he tells me to look it up, despite the fact that he knows the definition. It’s a bit irritating at times, but I have expanded my lexicon. I keep a small notebook that I add to almost daily. If you are so inclined, please delight in today’s comic. FT πŸ˜€