Welcome To The Referendum


I am 14 years old, and I live in the US. I know this does not affect me directly, and it is a very complex and controversial topic. I have done research and feel that I have a fairly good grasp of what the referendum is about. This is the first in a series of comics I have made about the referendum. Not everyone will like them. Let’s just say that if I lived in Scotland and were of voting age, I would say YES. FT

A Great Pizza Is Worth The Wait


I am not sure if anyone remembers the series I did about the Brooklyn Bridge, but this idea was supposed to be the original ending. The art on the arc ending comic was ghastly, so I changed the idea. Problem solved. I got around that pesky art hurdle by using a photo I took of the bridge in April. I made this for Juliana’s Pizzeria which makes the best pizza I have ever had…which says a lot. FT 😀

Welcome To Vatican City


I made this travel PSA about Vatican City, the smallest country on Earth (a fact that most people do not know). I made it in order to educate travelers and to hopefully dispel some of the rumors about Vatican City…like the fact that The Hulk lives there year round. While he does reside there, it is only from April to September. Also, that the Vatican is home to the world’s fastest roller coaster. That was true until 2012. Facts, people, facts! FT 😀

Snarkology 101





Being a snarkologist takes a certain amount of talent and creativity. It is a skill which requires time and patience to acquire. It is a skill that is very often under appreciated. I am developing my aptitude so that I may use it in the future for good……only good. Or making a movie called “Snarknado” FT 😛