Welcome To The Referendum


I am 14 years old, and I live in the US. I know this does not affect me directly, and it is a very complex and controversial topic. I have done research and feel that I have a fairly good grasp of what the referendum is about. This is the first in a series of comics I have made about the referendum. Not everyone will like them. Let’s just say that if I lived in Scotland and were of voting age, I would say YES. FT

4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Referendum

  1. Excellent Francesca! I’m a retired Scottish History teacher, and you already understand more than some of my colleagues did about Scottish history.

    PS History IS fun, and cartoons help to keep it that way.

    • Thank you sir for your kind words. I made up a quote about history, “History is the past’s way of telling us in the present what not to do in the future.” I’m glad you liked my comic, and thank you for reading. FT 🙂

  2. This is brilliant! I’ll never be able to call Robert The Bruce anything other than ‘Chubsy Wubsy’ ever again! Lovely to meet you this week, and thank you again for my beautiful earrings. They match the blue lining of the cloak I use for ghost tours, and are now my lucky tour earrings! It was so kind of you and really made my day. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your time here. Gillian (Blair Street Vaults) x

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