Money Laundering

Laundered 3

Yes, it is a silly comic, but I made it for my sister, Giovanna. This is a side project I do along with the “Balcony Baby” comic I make for her. My new side project is developing a sitcom about funny characters who frequent a bar in Boston. I’m thinking about calling it “Skoal” or “Salud” any way, it’s a work in progress. FT 🙂

The Webcomic Process: A Professional Tutorial


I hope this inspires people out there to create a webcomic of their own. I am living proof that anyone can do it. As a side job, I am a private investigator in Hawaii. It’s pretty cool. I drive a red ferrari, and live in a guest house. My friend has a helicopter. To reiterate, you should create a webcomic…and solve crimes if you can. FT

Welcome To Portugal


The next stop on my world tour is Portugal.  Portugal has many things to offer: beaches, volcanic lakes, mountains, cities filled with Portuguese people, and more spider monkeys per square mile than Equatorial Guinea. Why not take a few moments to get acquainted with Portugal: The Country With More Spider Monkeys Per Square Mile Than Equatorial Guinea. FT 😛