Pay Attention!

I made this comic for my friend, Mark Leggatt who has a novel coming out in 2015. I read the first chapter, and I think it has something to do with Equatorial Guinea and an international ferret smuggling ring. There will be pictures, a lot of pictures….in fact, the whole book is written and illustrated in crayon. FT 😛

Hall of Flame


After 18 months, I have finally finished (by finished, I mean actually got around to doing) my guest comic for Gary Cohen who creates the offbeat and sometimes hoggish comic called Mallville Rules. You can find it  and other original cool comics over at Inkbot. FT

Bendy Girl Part 2

Bendy Girl wins again! I would bet none of you saw that ending coming did you? Frack! On a serious note, running up stairs is never a good idea….even if you have a small sack full of fracking kickback money in it. FT 😀

Dam You!!


I realize my comic has been all over the place lately, history comics, a series about the Scottish referendum, travel PSA’s, a series for my sister, and now this drivel. This is what happens when you do not stick to a formula, do not have a buffer, or do not invest more than 7 minutes a week on your comic. Bon appétit FT 🙂

An Ant Story


I have been following this ‘Gamergate’ thing enough to realize that I truly do not get it. For some people to become upset or angry and to threaten others for simply expressing their opinion seems medieval, but what do I know? FT 😀