Boxing Day

I know you people in the UK like boxing, so I dug up this old placard from when Gigi (age 4) went toe to toe with the greats of bare knuckle boxing. Now at age  8 she is far too refined for fisticuffs. She has a goon squad that takes care of that for her. FT 😛

A Rant by Joe Wilson



This comic is for my friend, Joe Wilson. He tells stories. Here they are: Vampire Mob and PlayShorts. He tells stories well. He also rants, and sometimes with good reason. He also supports me and my comic, my writing and everything I do. This comic is my way of saying thank you to him without actually sending a ham (because I ate it.) FT 🙂


The Trial of Yoor Wullie

I made this comic for my friend, Lindsay who, according to the good people of Scotland, has all the answers and is so unselfish that he shares them all the time.

The story you have seen is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. On December 6th, 2014, trial was held in and of the court of Arbroath….. tomorrow the results of that trial… FT 🙂