Welcome To Nauru


Do not pretend that you know about Nauru. You have never been there. You have probably never even heard of it…..until now…because of me, or maybe because you had inadvertently looked up ‘phosphate’ on the internet. FT đŸ˜›

Welcome Back To Iceland


After much pleading from the Iceland board of tourism, I created a second part to my travel comic to promote this wonderful country. It is definitely on my list of countries to visit….and not just for an 8 hour layover on my way to Scotland. FT đŸ˜›

Welcome To Iceland


Hello, and welcome to the country that many people consider to be Iceland…Iceland. Iceland is a land of many contrasts and other contrasts, some of which contrast the original contrasts. In short, Iceland is a land of contrasts. Here’s what some travelers had to say:

“Iceland is a country.” Kevin G. – professor, University of Tennessee

“Holy sh*t! The friggin’ contrasts in dat country are friggin amazing!” Joey C. – bricklayer, Brooklyn, NY

“If you REALLY want to see and know Iceland, you should visit Iceland.” Laura J. – cupcake icer, Boise, ID

I hope this introduction to Iceland has inspired you to research this lovely country beyond my comprehensive travel comic. Gangi Ă¾Ă©r vel! FT đŸ˜›