History Repeats Itself


Yes, it is a groaner. I have been busy at school and unable to get any travel comics done, but I will get back to those soon. In the meantime, I will just have to irritate you (mores than usual) with one panel comics like this. FT 😛

The Infomercial


I made this infomercial comic about a year ago for my sister, Giovanna, as part of my other comic I draw (also for my sister) called Super Sis and Balcony Baby, which is based off her and myself. Yes, I know the humor is a bit crude, but it was just something I found in a notebook at the back of my closet…..FT 😛

My Pâté Has A First Name….

snot sauce


This is the second sauce comic I have created for my friend, Joe Wilson who tells great stories that can be seen over here on Playshorts. He also created Vampire Mob which can be seen here Vmob and is also available in graphic novel form. The sauce recipe is my dad’s. The comic is based on an actual situation that happened before I was born. It was my mom who said the now infamous line, “it tastes like bologna” when offered expensive pâté by a snooty neighbor.  My dad claims this was the last time he peed his pants. That may be debatable. You can follow Joe on Twitter (@joewilsontv, @VampireMob, and @PLshorts). You can follow my mom to the Oscar Mayer section of the pâté shop. FT 😃


Welcome To Cyprus


Welcome to Cyprus, home to a large transportation system which includes heliports, airports, roads and busing…. without the helicopters, airplanes, cars and buses. Cyprus, where you can have a Turkey sandwich with Greek dressing. Cyprus, where there is a hammock district and a super villain controls international affairs and seeks to dominate the world. Cyprus, where dreams may come true. FT 😛