Haute and Mighty


When people think of a chef, what comes to mind? Gordon Ramsay? Bobby Flay? Elzar? Many of the most well known chefs have been, or are, still on television. Being a chef does not mean getting a TV show, few do. Being a chef involves tedious prep work, training,  creativity, the ability to improvise, and dedication to working one’s way up the culinary ladder. Those TV chefs have clearly done that, but people still get the impression that all chefs are people with a cooking show who have big egos and do not work hard. I am here to dispel that perception. FT 🙂

Ask Gene Hackman


Burning issues, significant world events that affect us all, and what do people want to know? What irritates Gene Hackman. Maybe more people should just….you know….ask Gene what irritates him. I am sure he would be VERY forthright in his answers. FT 😛

A Sandwich By Any Other Name


This week I was feeling unproductive, so I decided to research the origin of the oversized sandwich. A sandwich is a sandwich is a sandwich, isn’t it? NO. It’s a hoagie, a grinder, a hero, a sub, a wedge, a blimpie, a spuckie, a zeppelin…. the list goes on. It’s more than just a sandwich. It’s a regional pride defines that sandwich. I believe Homer said it best when he said THIS about sandwiches. FT 🙂

This Is Not Next Year


What is a crush? A crush is someone who you like. Someone who you don’t know a lot about, and who doesn’t know a lot about you. A crush is someone who may or may not like the same things as you. A crush is also someone who is just as confused about it as you are. FT 😛