A Sandwich By Any Other Name


This week I was feeling unproductive, so I decided to research the origin of the oversized sandwich. A sandwich is a sandwich is a sandwich, isn’t it? NO. It’s a hoagie, a grinder, a hero, a sub, a wedge, a blimpie, a spuckie, a zeppelin…. the list goes on. It’s more than just a sandwich. It’s a regional pride defines that sandwich. I believe Homer said it best when he said THIS about sandwiches. FT 🙂

One thought on “A Sandwich By Any Other Name

  1. I’m pretty sure the Simpson have said it best when it comes to everything! On the sandwich front I almost killed my Mum the first time I took her to Subway (thought there are other sandwich shops available) she likes to be meticulous prepared for everything I don’t think me saying “they might ask you a couple of questions” was good enough. Breakdown started around the point they asked if she wanted her cheese toasted – you can imagine what happened when we got to the veg!

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