Arbroath: We’re Smokin’


My family and I visited Scotland over the summer. A great country with great people and great food. My dad ate haggis every day but two out of 13 (but that’s another story). Anyway, we had the pleasure of visiting Arbroath, home of THE SMOKIE, an unbelievable smoked fish*    *see smokie.  I could eat them every day, but they are not available in the US (but that’s another story). Oh, and THE first political issue I ever took interest in was the Referendum. As a 15 year old American girl that probably seems odd, but hey, I’m odd (but that’s another story). This is my design for the town of Arbroath. To make a long story longer, I support people gaining independence….as long as they keep smoking fish. FT 😁🐟


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