Father Of The Year

Scan 10

I threw this comic together after learning about Ivan The Terrible and Russian absolutism in history class this week. I guess you could say making a comic about something I learned counts as studying….especially since I have a test about this on Tuesday… FT 😛

Come To Your Senses


Sorry folks, no travel PSA this week. Instead I made a comic for my friend Meg whom my dad and I met last weekend in St. Louis. She’s great. She doesn’t get baseball, likes haggis, and told my dad that more than anything, she’d like to spend time in a sensory deprivation tank like in the movie 1980 “Altered States.” I came up with this comic listening to the two of them discussing sensory deprivation. I am contemplating a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to lock her in….I mean to allow her to spend some quality time in a tank…say….4 days. FT 😛