Come Dancing


The Conservatives recently posted a short article essentially blaming SNP for the fact that fewer people in Scotland dance anymore. What they failed to mention is that since 2009, the number of Scots losing one or both legs due to gangrene has risen by 6000% after SNP began putting gangrene in the water supply. Dancing? Really? And I thought politics in the US were kooky. FT 😛

That Bridge Is Greek To Me


Since there has been a lot of talk about the Forth Road Bridge lately, I figured a comic might be appropriate. I have read some articles about the history of the bridge (this is really cool: tunnel), the repairs, and the unnecessary political agendas involved. Bridges need maintenance over time. Good news: Is the bridge being repaired and ready to reopen? Yes. Bad news: Is there really any bad news? Yes, according to Labour, Equatorial Guinea purchased the bridge last week and is planning to move it to Malabo. Labour said it, so it MUST be true!  FT 😁