For Whom The School Bell Tolls

SNP School

Just another obvious attempt by the SNP to brainwash children into thinking that schools with adequate facilities and well trained staff could possibly make a difference in their future. FT

Scary Trident


Once again, we turn to Nigel Pompadour to deliver breaking news. News that affects us all (especially me, since Gigi owns the Tridents). News that is important. News that cares. News that is brought to us via a large corporation that has our best interest at heart. News that has absolutely no bias. News that is so new it is already old. NEWS! FT 🙂




Here, in his official debut, is KALEMAN!!!! I made this for my friend, Dave, whose favorite meal is deep fried kale wrapped around kale, on a bed of kale, with a side of kale soup, a kale smoothie, and a delicious kale pie for dessert. No, I lied. His official debut is HERE. FT 😛