Opa Is The New Slàinte?


I have been trying to read and understand the dicey subject of GERS and an independent Scotland’s economy. In a nutshell, I am really confused. I do not think that the Scottish government is putting all of its eggs in one basket. While some of the news may not be good, the government does seem to be trying to figure out the best approach to one day having an independent nation with a stable economy. The one thing I kept running across was that Scotland would end up in as bad or worse shape than Greece (hence the comic.) This blog post by Autonomy Scotland made sense to me and was very thorough. Another opinion also made sense but seemed a bit demeaning. Sure statistics were used, but statistics also show that by next Wednesday 87% of you reading my comics will be 73% less confused than 14% of the general populace. FT 😛


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