Aw, Frigate!


I made this comic the day before it was announced that the shipyard contracts would go on as planned more or less at Govan and Scotsoun. There was a lot of uncertainty beforehand, and this idea popped into my noggin. After the announcement, all seemed ok on this issue which I understand, like any other issue, is being used as a means to get votes. Later in the week, PM Nicola Surgeon used the opportunity to warn that promises need to be kept. Why did anything need to be said? That is like a child promising on Monday to clean his room Friday, but on Thursday the mother feels compelled to say “you better keep your promise of cleaning your room….tomorrow.” Then again, mother’s intuition? BAE said it will honor the contracts but it also said this in 2014. Do I sound cynical? I am an American teenager. It is unavoidable.  FT 😛

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