You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’


I came up with this idea when I was reading about the whole British Steel situation. My dad simply said, ‘look up Judas Priest.’ Bingo! I mean you don’t have to be old to be wise, but it seems the red, white, and blue is somehow breaking the law. The rage a steeler must feel is justifiableā€¦.aren’t we supposed to be united? It is possible a buyout may occur, but the EU seems to be getting involved. It certainly seems like a mess. FT

PS I know “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” is not from the same album.

Don’t Shoot! I’m With The Band.


I came up with the idea for this comic when I was listening to an American Revolutionary War historian lecture about the Fife and Drum Corps at a meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution I attended. Did I mention I was there to accept an award for a historical essay I wrote that won a state wide contest? I moved on to divisional (4 in the US) and took second there out of 8. Not bad. AND I got a comic out of it. Haha. FT šŸ˜›