A No Brainer?


I came up with this idea earlier in the week when I read an article about the Brain family and the possibility of their deportation. This comic as drawn is not as topical as it was 3 days ago as the matter is being looked into more closely, 3 days ago deportation was “imminent.” Hopefully, everything works out for the best. As far as the punchline of this comic, it practically wrote itself. FT 😛

The Rest Of Your Life

ht life

So, I am in the midst of one of the worst, most grueling weeks that I can remember. It has been one thing after another. And of course, my dad being my dad, had to take the opportunity to tease me a little. This comic is the result of the conversation he and I had earlier this week. It actually made me laugh. FT 😛

Bank On It


Well, here is part two of my comic arc about that nefarious series of events in Scottish history called the Darien Scheme. Nae worry. After this introduction, the rest of the arc will flow…….like molasses……in Aberdeen…..in January, I promise. In case anyone missed it, panels 3 and 4 contain what we in the Darien Scheme comic making business call “foreshadowing.” Stay tuned. FT 😛

Truth or Darien


Making Scottish political cartoons has been fun, but I wanted to start another history arc. It’s been a while, and with two new characters, it may make it a little more interesting. Or it may make it worse. You decide. FT 😛


Playground Politics


I went back and forth about posting this one. After the election, some people were elated, some were deflated. I think the results are a step in the right direction for Scotland and something to learn from and build upon. But politics being politics, there will always be whiners, bullies, cheaters, and dreamers….much like a school playground. FT 😛