Fan Friendly

Nigel-Euro 2016

I came up with this idea after I read some news stories about the behavior at Euro 2016. I do not follow sports, but have been to events and have enjoyed the games.  The violence and immature actions of a few are ruining an event that is supposed to be about competition and sportsmanship. It seems to me that these people wrap themselves too tightly in their team’s colors. Of course alcohol doesn’t help either. FT 😛



I would like to apologize in advance for not having a McNumpty and MacKeen comic ready, but the word buffer is not in my vocabulary. I still have a lot of work to do on the upcoming parts. In the meantime, I decided to make a comic about the biggest nuisance on Twitter (not myself), when people feel the need to clog the timeline with their complaints about how annoying and mean other people can be. I think that if you want to put yourself and your artwork on social media, you should be prepared to face a few criticisms along the way and learn to take it in stride. As bothersome as this whole process can be, I think that Twitter is a great thing, and it has helped me to meet a lot of wonderful people. FT

Clearly, A Brain Is Not Working


The hot topics in the UK right now are the EU referendum and the Tory electoral fraud. Unfortunately, with only 11 days left until the end of school, my teachers have been piling the work on, so I have not had sufficient time to properly research the details of either. I decided that making a comic based on limited information, which I do quite frequently otherwise, would not be warranted here. I decided to follow up on another situation that seems unfair and quite irritating to be honest. I hope that things work out for the Brain family. FT 🙂