Don’t Preach To The Choir



A bit of a follow up to this past Sunday’s comic. I have a fair number of followers from Scotland, and I check my TL to find ideas for my comics from links posted from blogs, articles, various news sources. It is quite helpful. This comic, however,  was based on my TL in general. As Brexit looms closer by the day, and the initial preparations for Indy Ref 2 seem to be moving forward, something occurred to me. I think you can figure it out from the comic. FT 😛

Flockin’ Sheep

snpsheepMany people have been talking about the SNP conference that just concluded, so I figured I would throw my two cents in. This is not a jab at the SNP in general rather a jab at the Unionists who equate the SNP to a flock of sheep, members of the SNP who do blindly accept everything put forth without question, and SNP members who feel the need to argue and berate others whose opinions may differ from their own. I expect this comic may irritate some people. FT 🙂