Don’t Preach To The Choir



A bit of a follow up to this past Sunday’s comic. I have a fair number of followers from Scotland, and I check my TL to find ideas for my comics from links posted from blogs, articles, various news sources. It is quite helpful. This comic, however,  was based on my TL in general. As Brexit looms closer by the day, and the initial preparations for Indy Ref 2 seem to be moving forward, something occurred to me. I think you can figure it out from the comic. FT 😛

3 thoughts on “Don’t Preach To The Choir

  1. “I have a fair number of followers from Scotland”

    To be fair, it’s only because we’re too polite to block her. She is followed because the threats received if we decline are so Machiavellian in nature that we have little choice. Not to say we haven’t accrued a little affection (between all of us) for the wee nutter. We are, in short, a free distribution service for her nonsense – coerced into forced labour and kept in line by an unfathomable points system which, if queried, loses you points. The final outcome seems to be that there are no winners here (apart from FT).

    Her Da is just as bad.

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