Out For A Euro, In For A Pound


This may not be very original and certainly not meant to be funny in the wake of how the pound is falling. This as a result of Brexit is potentially ruining people’s lives. FT


The Tory Colossus


Another idea that popped into my head (sadly) after reading articles about the immigrant situation in the UK in the wake of Brexit. It is not pretty. In the Factory, we recently learned about US immigration in the late 19th century. The poem “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus was written in 1883 as a dedication to the Statue of Liberty and is engraved on a plaque inside it. It is a poem of hope and inspiration. The situation in the UK at present seems to be the exact opposite of those sentiments found in that poem. My sincerest apologies to you, Ms. Lazarus for having dragged you into this. FT

Come Fly With Me


I came up with this comic when I read about how certain MPs were accused of frivolously wasting taxpayer money by flying business class on flights……that actually had no business class. Why is the truth about this situation (truthfully represented here in this comic) not more of an issue? FT 😛