Two Trump Cards


I got this idea from watching that movie with Ferris Bueller when he hacks into Burger King’s computer system and it then tries to launch a missile strike against McDonald’s because it was mad that he wouldn’t play chess with it. 80’s movies huh? But wait……there’s more. If you read now, you’ll also get this……….


Only 1,492 days until Inauguration 2020. Maybe. FT

Bedrooms And Boxes


Alright. After having so many people missing my intentional “error” I am adding this explanation. The article I referenced stated 241,000 people could be affected. The total population of Scotland is about 5.3 million, so clearly 241 million is incorrect. It was my way of jabbing people who skew statistics to make their point. Guess I have to start making comics about flatulence. Sheesh!!! FT 😛

I’ve A New Career


First comic of 2017! I read about this earlier in the week, and once again, Westminster comes to the rescue. The new ambassador to the EU is Tim Barrow, as in wheelbarrow, Clyde Barrow, and “Please don’t cut those, I’m not mature yet” barrow. I was reminded of Robert Browning’s “God’s in His heaven-All’s right with the world.” But then William Blake said it better, “A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.” By the way, we’re studying poetry in English class. Hahahahaha! FT 🙂