Those Little Deeds

Those Little Deeds




Walking down Maple Street

Past a collage of posters plastered

On the brick wall of old Mr. Tenason’s shop

I Want You they beckoned

Blazing letters of red, white, blue

Promising the conquest of an enemy

That he had never seen

The glory

Of a war that was not ours

That we had to help finish

And he wanted to help

I asked him to stay

He went


We sent letters, exchanged photographs

They preserved him forever as he was

And forever as he will be

Twenty one

I bought war bonds and saving stamps

Grew a garden to save food

For the boys like him

He was in my prayers each night

But somehow he slipped away

Taken from me by a bullet or a bomb

In some foreign land I could only dream of


The garden has gone to seed

Overgrown with the weeds of sorrow and neglect

I still the have the bonds, the stamps

Saved up nickels and dimes

Wishing I could somehow bring him back

With those little deeds I have done


I decided to post a flash fiction item today for no particular reason. I made this to accompany the sketch that I am entering in the local art show. FT 🙂

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