Cheery Bye!

Well, it was with mixed emotions that I made this comic, bittersweet. I have been making comics in some shape or form since age 7. I have had so much fun creating and sharing them and may again one day, but for now, I am putting my comics on indefinite hiatus (applause rings out across the globe). Since I am beginning university shortly, I need to focus all of my attention there. It will take a period of time to get adjusted. After that, I want to explore the world around me, meet new people, and try new projects. I am a bit sad that one chapter of my life is closing but excited that another is beginning. I have said this before, but I sincerely appreciate the support and encouragement I have received from you all. Thank you for the reads, likes, comments, and retweets of my comics and for simply hanging out with (tolerating) me on Twitter. I am very fortunate to have gotten to know so many wonderful people over the past few years and look forward to the future. It is finally beginning to seep through the first three layers of my skull that, for good or bad, I am about to become a real adult, on my own, but never truly alone. So, like the comic said…..I’ll see you around. xxoo FT (Francesca)

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