They Have Issues

I came across the little piece about how local election campaign pamphlets were sent out by the Conservative even though they were templates with no information. And yet, some people still probably voted for them. FT




I know this happened earlier this week and that droning on and on about baby boxes is the latest trend, but just maybe politicians will be held accountable for their actions. That would be a neat trend huh? FT

Target? What Target?


Now that I’m close to the end of the school year, I actually had a night where I didn’t have a lot of homework… so I felt a comic was in order after I read about this. My alternate title for this one was “A Message To You Ruddy” FT πŸ˜›

Eardrum Buzz

As long as we’re being honest…the moon landing was fake, the pyramids were built by aliens, smallpox doesn’t really exist, and Monster Island is actually a peninsula. Thought you should know. FT πŸ™‚