Oh! Calcutta…Cup!

The Calcutta Cup was first played for in 1879. The cup measures 45 centimeters high and can hold 2,156 M&M’s (1,708 if they are of the peanut variety). FT 😬

THIS Is The News

BBC stands for Big Brother Corporation. And I would think congrats are in order for your fearless news anchor in this his 50th appearance. FT πŸ˜›

Common Fracking Sense


I came up with comic earlier this week after reading about the shipments of shale gas Ineos is transporting to Scotland from the US. For Ineos to focus on the fact that this will create jobs (which may be true) in order to not address the disastrous environmental effects created by fracking is disheartening. To claim that fracking must be safe because the US has been doing it is simply moronic. We have guns in the US. Does Ineos want to transport them to Scotland next? FT πŸ˜€

Strawberry Preserves


I came up with this idea after reading about Tesco’s actions. Yes, that Tesco…the same Tesco that was fined Β£300,000 in 2013 for misleading customers about a half priced strawberry offer (look it up). What is it with them and strawberries? It was Marshall Ferdinand Foch who said, “A radish will never stand in the way of victory.” Now it appears the message is, “A strawberry will never stand in the way of a blessed union.” Politics and fruit, they’re both a bit seedy, no? FT πŸ˜›