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And soon to join the team with an in depth analysis of business and finance, your Business and Finance reporter, Percy Quidless. FT 😛


A Bridge Too Far


After I read this articleI came up with a Nigel comic. I actually laughed when I did the math. How often does a punchline mathematically, culturally, and politically fall into your lap? Every day by my guess. FT 😛

Hey You, EU!

eu ref

I came up with this idea after reading my pal @cee4cat’s blog yesterday. Yes, the EU referendum is a very important event that will not only affect the UK and Europe but possibly the rest of the world. It seems to me that the powers that be are trying to overshadow or simply ignore the upcoming Holyrood elections. That’s politics and biased journalism for you I guess. FT

News Of The World


People descended upon 10 Downing Street to protest and demand the resignation of David Cameron. Newsworthy right? Apparently not really as the BBC’s coverage of the events was spotty at best. And I thought the media here in the US was biased. FT

2 music references today….see if you get them both. Hint, the title and….