Happy Halloween

I’ll most likely be busy with uni work when and if this all happens so I figured I’d jump the gun a bit. FT 😛


Pardon the oversaturated color…I tried out some different markers for this one. Yes, I am posting a random comic, but I am NOT coming out of retirement! FT 😛

This Sucks

It all comes down to the power of the hoover. I made this comic yesterday when I saw a quote on my twitter TL by an MP who offered up the power of vacuum cleaners as a reason why Brexit is good idea. Strange days indeed! FT 🙂

The Torying Inferno

Thought I would experiment a little with a photo editing app. This sure is better than the original plain white background. Obviously the quote is from Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto III line 9. I almost had the guy replying, “The path to paradise begins in hell” but figured it would be too much. FT 😁

Target? What Target?


Now that I’m close to the end of the school year, I actually had a night where I didn’t have a lot of homework… so I felt a comic was in order after I read about this. My alternate title for this one was “A Message To You Ruddy” FT 😛