Mr. Bleakman

This comic is based on a conversation that I had with my dad over this whole situation with North Korea. My dad told me that this was what it was like when he was a kid. His comments reminded me of Mr. Bleakman, a character in a show I used to watch when I was little called Clifford the Big Red Dog. He would constantly comment on what life was like “when I was a boy.” FT πŸ˜›

Delicious Pooltry

I came up with this idea after reading an article I found on Twitter about how the UK could possibly start importing chlorine-washed chicken from the US as part of a post-Brexit trade deal. I don’t eat chicken much, but I do enjoy the occasional drumstick, red eyes and burning throat. My favorite part of this story is that a guy named Fox is talking about chickens. FT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚