This Sucks

It all comes down to the power of the hoover. I made this comic yesterday when I saw a quote on my twitter TL by an MP who offered up the power of vacuum cleaners as a reason why Brexit is good idea. Strange days indeed! FT πŸ™‚


Clean As A Thistle

After a month long hiatus, I am back…..but not for long. I finally received my tier 4 student visa which was a trial in itself. I had 7 minutes of free time on my hands, and I was bored, so I decided to make a comic after seeing how #DissolveTheUnion was trending on Twitter. Β It may not be much, but I figured why change my style at this point? πŸ˜› Remember, “Paint Scotland greetan owre her thrissle; Her mutchkin stoup as toom’s a whissle” FT πŸ™‚

The Torying Inferno

Thought I would experiment a little with a photo editing app. This sure is better than the original plain white background. Obviously the quote is from Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto III line 9. I almost had the guy replying, “The path to paradise begins in hell” but figured it would be too much. FT 😁

Farewell, Factory

Well, yesterday was my last day of high school which was bittersweet. It was a weird feeling indeed. On one hand a bit sad in that something was over, but on the other hand happy in that something new would be starting in the near future. Pretty deep huh? FT πŸ˜›