Welcome Back To The Netherlands


Welcome back to The Netherlands, where the plague in The Hague is very, very vague. A country where a certain color is prevalent in honor of William of Orange (a.k.a. William The Silent)…. but you didn’t hear it from me. For more information on The Netherlands, simply consult yesterday’s comic or your local library. FT :-P

Welcome To The Netherlands


The Netherlands, formerly the 4th happiest country in the world, but still home to the world’s oldest canoe. The Netherlands, birthplace of many famous artists, including Dutch Schultz. The Netherlands, the country you probably thought was Holland. The Netherlands….. well, that’s all I got. FT :-)

Welcome To Tuvalu


Welcome to Tuvalu, the 4th smallest country in the world. Tuvalu is a land of many interesting things, including the “TU-for-one-VALU Sale” at participating convenience stores throughout the country, void where prohibited. FT :-P

Welcome To Sealand


Welcome to Sealand, a place not to be confused with the amusement park of the same name located in northwest Bulgaria which has been voted ‘Worst Tourist Attraction’ for 78 years in a row. Neither Sealand is noted for its funnel cakes.  FT :-)

Welcome To Malta


Welcome to Malta, one of the top 10 smallest and most multi-lingual countries in the world. It served as the summit for the U.S. and Soviet leaders ending the Cold War in 1989. It is home to more free range ferrets per square kilometer than anywhere else in the Mediterranean Sea. FT :-)