Got Coffee?


Since coffee seems to be all the rage today, I thought I would make a comic about it. Everyone jokes about coffee and talks about how great it is, but no one has made a comic about it.  Coffee is becoming an overlooked topic that needs to be addressed. Next week, I will make a comic about bacon, though I’m not sure as to whether or not it has been done before. FT 🙂

A Call To Arm

I created another Bendy Girl comic for my friend Debra, a lady who has wanted a bionic arm since she was 12. She was also the Milngavie booger picking champion at age 3, a title she would hold for the next 18 consecutive years. Feel better pal. FT 😜

The Inner Chet


I made this comic for my friend Chet Zar, who I met in 2009 at an art convention in New Jersey. I really like his art because he depicts “the inner monster”of a person rather than their exterior. You can find his art here:

This is the second part of the artist series. Just bear with me, I promise it will get better. FT 🙂

The Treachery Of A Hat


I decided to follow up my hiatus with a comic about Magritte. I did a research project on him for my drawing and painting class and really learned a lot. He was an interesting artist who created some wonderful works. Salvador Dalí is still my favorite artist, however. I am working on an “artist series” which should be posted soon, maybe. The word ‘buffer’ isn’t in my vocabulary though. FT 🙂