Ask Gene Hackman


One of my favorite actors, the incomparable Gene Hackman, turns 85 today. He has been is so many great movies and always doles out such timely advice here on his column, such as this nugget. So everyone…please have a piece of cake in honor of the birthday boy! FT 😛

Got Coffee?


Since coffee seems to be all the rage today, I thought I would make a comic about it. Everyone jokes about coffee and talks about how great it is, but no one has made a comic about it.  Coffee is becoming an overlooked topic that needs to be addressed. Next week, I will make a comic about bacon, though I’m not sure as to whether or not it has been done before. FT 🙂

A Call To Arm

I created another Bendy Girl comic for my friend Debra, a lady who has wanted a bionic arm since she was 12. She was also the Milngavie booger picking champion at age 3, a title she would hold for the next 18 consecutive years. Feel better pal. FT 😜

The Inner Chet


I made this comic for my friend Chet Zar, who I met in 2009 at an art convention in New Jersey. I really like his art because he depicts “the inner monster”of a person rather than their exterior. You can find his art here:

This is the second part of the artist series. Just bear with me, I promise it will get better. FT 🙂

The Treachery Of A Hat


I decided to follow up my hiatus with a comic about Magritte. I did a research project on him for my drawing and painting class and really learned a lot. He was an interesting artist who created some wonderful works. Salvador Dalí is still my favorite artist, however. I am working on an “artist series” which should be posted soon, maybe. The word ‘buffer’ isn’t in my vocabulary though. FT 🙂