Aw, Frigate!


I made this comic the day before it was announced that the shipyard contracts would go on as planned more or less at Govan and Scotsoun. There was a lot of uncertainty beforehand, and this idea popped into my noggin. After the announcement, all seemed ok on this issue which I understand, like any other issue, is being used as a means to get votes. Later in the week, PM Nicola Surgeon used the opportunity to warn that promises need to be kept. Why did anything need to be said? That is like a child promising on Monday to clean his room Friday, but on Thursday the mother feels compelled to say “you better keep your promise of cleaning your room….tomorrow.” Then again, mother’s intuition? BAE said it will honor the contracts but it also said this in 2014. Do I sound cynical? I am an American teenager. It is unavoidable.  FT 😛

Hey You, EU!

eu ref

I came up with this idea after reading my pal @cee4cat’s blog yesterday. Yes, the EU referendum is a very important event that will not only affect the UK and Europe but possibly the rest of the world. It seems to me that the powers that be are trying to overshadow or simply ignore the upcoming Holyrood elections. That’s politics and biased journalism for you I guess. FT

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble


I came up with this idea after reading an article about baby boxes which I think is a good thing that will help many people. This comic is just a goofy idea that popped into my head since the Scottish Conservatives didn’t really promote baby boxing, and they certainly didn’t spend £203.68 on other people’s behalf. FT 😛


PFI ad

I got this idea after reading about the PFI situation in the UKImagine that. People in the construction business cutting corners. It reminds me of when on the Simpsons Fat Tony and his company rebuild Springfield Elementary and the disabled ramps are made out of breadsticks. Once again, the Simpsons show us the way. FT 😛

Behind The Scenes


I came up with this idea when I was reading an article about “breaking the fourth wall” which is a theater term (loose interpretation by me) for when a character becomes aware that he exists and personally engages the audience. I have done comics in the past when my character has broken the fourth wall, but I thought it would be interesting to have her “break through the back of the third wall” while using breaking the fourth wall style. Confusing? FT 😛

News Of The World


People descended upon 10 Downing Street to protest and demand the resignation of David Cameron. Newsworthy right? Apparently not really as the BBC’s coverage of the events was spotty at best. And I thought the media here in the US was biased. FT

2 music references today….see if you get them both. Hint, the title and….


A Man, A Scam, A Canal…Panama


I have been reading various articles about the ‘Panama Papers’ which essentially names the names and tax avoidance schemes of people in power, people who are supposed to care about the citizens of the countries of which they are in charge. I guess not. PS…I hope everyone got the movie reference from “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” FT 😛

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’


I came up with this idea when I was reading about the whole British Steel situation. My dad simply said, ‘look up Judas Priest.’ Bingo! I mean you don’t have to be old to be wise, but it seems the red, white, and blue is somehow breaking the law. The rage a steeler must feel is justifiable….aren’t we supposed to be united? It is possible a buyout may occur, but the EU seems to be getting involved. It certainly seems like a mess. FT

PS I know “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” is not from the same album.

Don’t Shoot! I’m With The Band.


I came up with the idea for this comic when I was listening to an American Revolutionary War historian lecture about the Fife and Drum Corps at a meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution I attended. Did I mention I was there to accept an award for a historical essay I wrote that won a state wide contest? I moved on to divisional (4 in the US) and took second there out of 8. Not bad. AND I got a comic out of it. Haha. FT 😛