Hmmm…Give Me A Hint


wherestrident copy


I actually got this idea from reading tweets from NukeWatchUK who track and report the movements of nuclear weapons convoys and Scottish CND, anti nuclear weapons activists. Why does anyone in 2016 need nuclear weapons? I have no idea, but it appears that “the powers that be” feel the UK needs nuclear weapons to defend itself against a threat to national security….regardless of what many people who live there may say to the contrary.  Nuclear weapons. Really? They’re costly, they’re dangerous, they serve no real purpose. Here’s an idea… keep them anyway because the hungry man on the street will sleep that much more peacefully tonight. FT

On The Street



I made this comic after reading this blog post by Wings Over Scotland about the bias and clear manipulation by the BBC during its BBCQT in Dundee. And before anyone gets upset or offended that I am using tired stereotypes, it was not my intention to demean anyone. I used a Native American simply because that is about as Dundonian as the people on the show. It’s a form of hyperbole. FT 😛

Opa Is The New Slàinte?


I have been trying to read and understand the dicey subject of GERS and an independent Scotland’s economy. In a nutshell, I am really confused. I do not think that the Scottish government is putting all of its eggs in one basket. While some of the news may not be good, the government does seem to be trying to figure out the best approach to one day having an independent nation with a stable economy. The one thing I kept running across was that Scotland would end up in as bad or worse shape than Greece (hence the comic.) This blog post by Autonomy Scotland made sense to me and was very thorough. Another opinion also made sense but seemed a bit demeaning. Sure statistics were used, but statistics also show that by next Wednesday 87% of you reading my comics will be 73% less confused than 14% of the general populace. FT 😛



Sorry about not having the time to create a proper comic this week, The Factory decided I had 8 minutes too much free time, but that is another story. I had this idea while doodling during a break from studying for a pre calculus test. Simple idea really. If ever WM would devolve the power to control the fate of the Tridents, it is fairly clear what SNP would do, hence the title. Devolution would lead to the evolution of a better way of thinking. At least I think so. FT 😛