Just Whistle

I hesitated to post this comic because I know that the Rape Clause is a sensitive issue that is very personal to many people. The fact that a government would make a law like this is reprehensible. FT


I would think by this time that people know that I support an independent Scotland. I made this comic because this is how politics appear to me regardless of the agenda. FT 😁



Ah Sh*te Ma Breeks!

Nigel is thinking about trying out some different looks. He found the monocle* in the ‘Lost and Found Box’, which he renamed ‘Nigel’s Prop Box’. FT 😛

*He’s wearing a monocle because the ink smeared in panel 2. I call that artistic license**

**Artistic license means laziness***

***Laziness means I didn’t feel like redrawing and re-inking it****

****It means the comic 🙂