Frozen Birdseed

Frozen Birdseed

Between school and being lazy, I have not had time to do any comics, but I have managed to get a few together about Clarence Birdseye, the only person I can think of having to do with the frozen food industry. While you read this be sure to snack on some fish sticks and peas. Bón Appetite! FT 🙂

The FT Comic Manifesto

I, Francesca, in order to create a more perfect comic, establish confidence, insure indifference to the pressures of social media, provide for my own well being and enjoyment, promote my art, and secure the blessing of creativity to myself and my website, do establish this manifesto for myself and anyone else who reads it.

Article I: I create my webcomic The History Twins as a means of enjoyment for myself and others, but I do not consider it a career. I am 13, I do not have a career.

Article II: While I practice my “art” and experiment with different techniques, I realize my artistic ability is limited. I feel that I am more suited to writing.

Article III: I appreciate everyone who gives me encouragement, support, advice, and criticism (even if it is negative)…oh, and gold doubloons, lots of gold doubloons.

Article IV: While I do enjoy getting views and the occasional upvote, I do not dwell on it, despite what people may think. My dad checks those statistics and only shares that information with me if I ask him (last week I asked twice).

Article V: My webcomic is special to me, but it is also one of 23,488,908,117 being created, so realistically it is like a single thread in a blanket the size of the Atlantic Ocean.

Article VI: I like pita chips.

Article VII: I really like pita chips.

Article VIII: I will basically post when I feel productive and creative, and although that may not be the “right way” to produce a comic, I feel that I am still conveying my art in an effective manner.

Article IX: The purpose of my comic is to make people laugh and learn a little bit about history.

Article X: I have no buffer. I have no long range plan or any idea of how long I will continue to create my comic, but that is part of the fun.

Article XI: I am committed to my comic for now and will uphold the ideals stated in this manifesto.

FT     10 January 2014

A Blank New Year

A Blank New Year

In case anyone has not heard, a new year is here. Each new year to me is like a brand new notebook waiting to be filled up with stories and drawings over the next 365 days. I hope everyone has a great notebook this year! FT 🙂